28 March 2022 [Direct Link]
O-Wells O-Wells O-Wells
Interview with and Mixtape by O-Wells is up!
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23 March 2022 [Direct Link]
Kristall by Daryan Knoblauch

An excerpt of the thesis by the young architect concerned with the spatial implications of water is up on TISSUE. It investigates the notion of the fetishisation of self-design, in which hygiene codes, cosmetics, fashion and body culture lead to domestic desires closely linked to the psychological rather than the physical.
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20 December 2021 [Direct Link]
l’appel du vide

Uncomfortable movements captured in harmony, creating a sense of emptiness in this fine knitwear and lingerie editorial by photographer Sofia Blu Cremaschi and artistic director Giulia Ballabio — up in our content section on TISSUE Magazine.
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02 December 2021 [Direct Link]
Gray Area CBD

Interview with Julia Seestädt of Cannabis-Kanzlei by Lorenz Hartwig and photography by Sevda Albers in current issue of STIGMA420. It also features a 5-point emergency plan for when “police is pulling up at your door.”

01 December 2021 [Direct Link]
Lisa Boostani — Beatus

Getting high on greens, fuck the system and find enlightenment —
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