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02 November 2021 [Direct Link]
Mixtape 89 by Milch
Milch is a DJ based in Toronto, Canada. It is also the German term for milk. “Die Milch macht’s.” is the slogan of an advertising of the German milk industry lobby from the late 1980s. It could translate like it's the milk that makes it. Today everybody knows this is a lie. But it’s true that Milch made it: a fun and playful mix all in and around her favourite BPM, 100! Please get to know the woman with the quirky DJ name that fit’s so well with her music selection. Interview with and Mixtape 89 by Milch is up.
26 October 2021 [Direct Link]
STIGMA420 No 2 is out!
12 October 2021 [Direct Link]
Invitation: Pre-Release at Rosa Wolf Berlin
We — Kiosk Int., Rosa Wolf and Matt Lambert — are very much looking forward to present you the newest issue of your soon-to-be favourite weed zine and the exclusive work of Matt Lambert. There will be wine and juice from Weingut Lunkenheimer plus a little give away for you, dear guest, as well. See you there, yours truly. [Facebook Event]
06 October 2021 [Direct Link]
TEASER: STIGMA420 N°2 “Best Buds Forever” Matt Lambert Edition
Featuring a double cover, a photo essay and a free full colour supplement poster by Matt Lambert as well as an interview with the woman behind Germany’s Cannabiskanzlei, Do’s and Don’ts with dogs, lubricant, Claire Milbrath of Editorial Magazine, Heather Glazzard, Anastazja Moser of Smoke-Up, Kooni, Michel Abdollahi and Tim Bruening. Release 22 October 2021
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01 October 2021 [Direct Link]
OFF ROAD — The Art of Getting By
Photographer Petra Valenti and stylist Yosephine Melfi linked with a group of Roma women on their touchdown in Milan, Italy. Out came a heartwarming doc style fashion story that features a brief but intimate insight into the lives of the travelling individuals.
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14 September 2021 [Direct Link]
Return of the motto T
We need money for the production of STIGMA420 N°2. So we decided to drop another edition of the classic “Cannabis is Medicine” print. This time in Benetton green on a thick quality wide cut off-white t-shirt and a back print re-edit.*Highly recommended by the Divine Farmer Shennong
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12 September 2021 [Direct Link]
Tim Bruening is back!
With an exhibiton at Horst Janssen Museum and a book. Read the short interview and see a preview of 13 selected pictures up on TISSUE.
12 September 2021 [Direct Link]
“Auf eine Lunte mit Michel Abdollahi”
110% Zeit Verlag vibes at Kiosk Int. when we were having a doobie with the good soul of German TV journalism for STIGMA42O No. 2 [release: 22 Oct 2021] Photography by Tim Bruening
Release 22 October 2021
11 September 2021 [Direct Link]
Mixtape 88 by 11schnull
Interview, portray and track list up. Don’t sleep on this exclusive 18min 5-tracks-only production!
Artwork: Jonny Banger (originally published in TISSUE N°666FFF)
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07 September 2021 [Direct Link]
A supreme tobacco substitute
High quality herbal blend made of organic or wild harvested herbs with medicinal properties. Prepared and packed by hand in Berlin Kreuzberg. Non-addictive, no artificial flavour and no chemical substances. Available in three blends.
02 September 2021 [Direct Link]
From the archives
Each one of the 100 TISSUE Hoffnungslos (hopeless / 無望) Ts comes with a fresh pressed poster (36 x 59cm) shot by Corrado Dalcò originally published in 2011 as a supplement to TISSUE N°1.
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02 September 2021 [Direct Link]
apricot it is.
Colour coding STIGMA420 No. 2 [Release Oct 22]
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31 August 2021 [Direct Link]
You feel me?!
Es ist hoffnungslos. It’s hopeless. 無望 — This is how it feels since 2011, when TISSUE Magazine was born. That grinch-y feeling even got stronger day by day. The 2021 edition of the TISSUE plain logo T is now available in our online store and comes with a free poster by Corrado Dalcó from our archives.
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23 August 2021 [Direct Link]
Working title: “Grauzone CBD”
Behind the scenes with Sevda Albers and Lorenz Hartwig: We met Julia Seestädt — the woman behind Germany’s Cannabiskanzlei (cannabis lawfirm) — for an interview in upcoming STIGMA420 No. 2 to be released in end of October 2021.
20 August 2021 [Direct Link]
Interview by Kasia Jaroch and pictures by Dominika Filopowicz — originally published in TISSUE No. 666FFF in 2019. Article finally up!
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12 August 2021 [Direct Link]
New! Homepage! Sale! –33%
Yay, we're celebrating the release of our new homepage with hilarious 33% off on all items. For 3 days only: from 12 — 14 August 2021. Just click the link below, order stuff and use discount code "NEW!" to your purchase. We need space for new stuff coming up the next months.
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07 August 2021 [Direct Link]
Interview w/ Umfang up on
“I don’t hate basslines.” Interview with Umfang by Isabelle Edi and pictures by Tim Bruening (who’s having a comeback soon.) Read what Emma has to say about working in a collective, the concept of safe spaces, and basslines.
21 July 2021 [Direct Link]
Interview w/ Love Curly
Originally published in TISSUE No. 666FFF in 2019. Article finally up on
15 July 2021 [Direct Link]
OFFLINE Boxers are out!
Summer is here and so is the limited edition of Kiosk Int. x Stefan Marx OFFLINE Boxers.
14 July 2021 [Direct Link]
Cecilia Bengolea — Eat Acid See God
Originally published in TISSUE No. 666FFF in 2019. Article finally up on
13 July 2021 [Direct Link]
TISSUE Mixtape 87 by CRUSAT
Up on soundcloud.
23 June 2021 [Direct Link]
Moyosore Briggs — No Sex Only Feelings
Crypto artist and photographer ‘Moyo’ is a one-percenter — an asexual biromantic in an oversexualised patriarchal world. Seemingly robbed of conventional romance and passion, her works show desire and temptation alongside horrific carnage, creating displays of unconventional beauty. This is her story in her own words spiced up with the darkest self-portraits up on
12 June 2021 [Direct Link]
high fashion w/ FJAAK
See the hyperintelligent, medical marijuana using and officially vaccinated techno duo shine in this 4-page fashion editorial. spoiler: real FJAAK fans tear out the double portrait and use it as poster!