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Art and lifestyle manual under the influence of plants by the makers of TISSUE Magazine [RIP 2011-2022]. First edition of 1.000 copies free via selected outlets worldwide. A Kiosk Int. Publication, Berlin

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Our gift to the world: get one of the first 100 copies for free now. First come first serve! Shipping worldwide. We’re very happy to introduce to you our new publication Arts And Flowers. Right in time to celebrate the coming cannabis legalization in Germany in April 2024. It’s an art and lifestyle manual under the influence of plants by the makers of TISSUE Magazine [RIP 2011-2022]. N°1 is showcasing art by Timothy Schaumburg, Jamie Bull (4FSB), Tea Stražičić (Lord Flufflord), Justin Swinburne, as well as Seth Fountain on an exclusive silkscreen print and features flowers like horsegiirL and Europa, Verena von Pfetten of Gossamer Magazine, Sabotage Espionage, Bless You Studios, Preppy Slap, Hire NY. The essence is pressed into a 24-pages-poster-zine collectible item in a limited edition of 1.000 copies to give away for free via selected outlets. Extended versions of all stories online on and in our social media channels plus telegram group! More outlets will follow the next weeks. ©2024 — A Kiosk Int. Publication, Berlin
[sold out] Steez Press “Specialty Coffee” T-Shirt


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Steez Press’ second drop this year is dedicated to the lovers of latte art and butter croissants. The 7-color screen print comes on a heavyweight boxy cut t-shirt featuring a freshly baked croissant on the front and a superb latte art cappuccino on the back. The item is accompanied by a hand stamped silkscreen printed “loyalty card” (21 x 15 cm) and colourful stickers. Give yourself a fucking break and get baked daily.
Latte art created by Wassili Franko

Originally released on Steez Press’ event “Latte Art & Butter Croissants” at Goldenblack Coffeestore on 26 August 2023 in Hamburg.

VAKUUM N°2 “Hingabe/Verzicht”


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It’s finally here! Vakuum Magazine’s second issue titled “Hingabe/Verzicht” [devotion — renunciation]. The double-themed publication is actually a two-in-one, allowing you to dive into its content from both sides featuring two separate cover designs. Short facts: annually published, 128 pages, full colour, 23 x 30cm — a contributor’s list will be provided as soon as possible.

Vakuum is a collective of young creatives of Berlin’s fashion and editorial scene.

“©2021/23 Matt Lambert for Steez Press” [Edition of 42 Longsleeves]


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When Matt Lambert shot this steamy and brutally romantic editorial for N°2 of our magazine in 2021, we still went by the heavy and unfun name STIGMA420. Now, one and a half year later we go by the superfun name Steez Press, established the online magazine and moved to Berlin. For us, the perfect moment to finally put his work out there for you as a wearable item in sharp limited amount.

The 100% ring spun cotton black longsleeve features a huge black-and-white photography on the front, a smaller one on the right sleeve and a sparkling black-on-black Steez Press logo print on the lower back. Each item comes with one of the last and outsold re-branded copies of formerly STIGMA420 N°2.

Originally released on the occasion of “420 and Chill” at Keller Kreuzberg on 20 April 2023, the garment is now available exclusively at Kiosk Int. and Keller Kreuzberg in an edition of 42 pieces.

STIGMA420 N°2 Matt Lambert Edition [sold out]


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“Best Buds Forever” Matt Lambert Edition featuring a double cover, a photo essay and a free full colour supplement poster by Matt Lambert as well as an interview with the woman behind Germany’s Cannabiskanzlei, Do’s and Don’ts with dogs, lubricant, Claire Milbrath of Editorial Magazine, Heather Glazzard, Anastazja Moser of Smoke-Up, Kooni, Michel Abdollahi and Tim Bruening. STIGMA420 is a biannually published magazine in an eco-smart format of 24 pages only including highly anticipated artist collaborations.

STIGMA420 No. 1/2021 [sold out]



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“The Cannabis is Medicine Issue” — 24 pages of Cannabis and Culture 21+ feat. Tsehaitu Abye, Shennong, Jonny Banger, Fjaak, Gem Hale, Nas Tea, Tom Hemp’s, Skinny Finsta, Wondering Woman plus a free supplement poster by Anna Hofmann and two PURIZE® Filter samples. It comes in two different covers. Choose your favourite. Details: 21 x 29,7 cm, 24 pages, 100 gr. / Packed with stickers, a postcard, a sample bag of filters and a free poster — all wrapped up in cellophane by hand.

TISSUE N°666FFF [2019/20] [back in stock]


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The 6th issue of TISSUE is printed in an edition of 666 copies worldwide and is dedicated to the Friday’s For Future movement. It was released in November 2019 in Tokyo, Berlin, and Amsterdam. This printed publication features contributions by the likes of Kristina Nagel, Jonathan Meese, Michèle Lamy, Wolfgang Tillmans, Adrian Crispin & Ann-Kathrin Obermeyer, Tim Bruening, Lia Ottsu, Heather Glazzard, Nika Arkhiv, Rayan Nohra w/ acte feat. Johanna Jaskowska, Hélène Mastrandréas feat. Jardin et Wutangu, Lisa Boostani, Kevin Braddock and Martin Eder as well as interviews/portrays with/of Christoph Schlingensief, Cecilia Bengolea, Umfang, Linn Da Quebrada, Love Curly and Claire Milbrath of Editorial Magazine plus quintessential topics like depression, crypto mining, sauna trance, free radicals and asexuality. Each copy comes with a free poster and TISSUE branded oral dam, got perfumed with a special scent developed by DL Roelen and wrapped up in cellophane with love by hand. Weight per copy: 448g; dimensions: 21 x 29,7cm (Din A4); thick: 1 cm; total number of pages: 132 (supplement: poster and oral dam); Released in Tokyo, Japan/Hamburg, Germany 2019