Damiana, Eibischblatt, Königskerze, Muskatellersalbei, Katzenminze, Pfefferminze

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A supreme tobacco substitute: high quality herbal blend made of organic or wild harvested herbs with medicinal properties. Prepared and packed by hand in Berlin Kreuzberg. Non-addictive, no artificial flavour and no chemical substances. Available in three blends. “Smoke Down” is a great mix for those seeking pleasure, get down to it with sensual rose petals and famed aphrodisiac damiana that will stimulate and boost your mood. Best paired with indica and hybrid strains to wind down and enhance their calming and relaxing properties. Can help combat insomnia, tense muscles, and PMS. 25g net weight — ingredients: marshmallow leaf, mullein, damiana, raspberry leaf, skullcap, chamomile, lavender.