CANNABIS IS MEDICINE T [2. Edition — only L & XL]



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Here’s another edition of the classic “Cannabis is Medicine” print. This time in Benetton green on a thick quality wide cut off-white t-shirt and a back print re-edit. The item is designed in collaboration with Tsehaitu Abye of BLACK DRAGON BREAKFAST CLUB. Her activity, instructive work and shared knowledge inspired us the whole way from April 2020 till here and her’s is the credit to the theme of the first issue: “Cannabis is Medicine”. We will never get tired of repeating this mantra. The t-shirt comes with a free copy of STIGMA420 N°1, a front and back print, all labelled up by Kiosk Int. No Nation on super soft organic cotton (100%), vegan (PETA-approved). Only 50 pieces (25x L / 25x XL). Please note, the t-shirts have a perfectly wide fit and thick quality (220gr).