12 September 2021 [Direct Link]
Tim Bruening is back!

With an exhibiton at Horst Janssen Museum and a book. Read the short interview and see a preview of 13 selected pictures up on TISSUE.

12 September 2021 [Direct Link]
“Auf eine Lunte mit Michel Abdollahi”

110% Zeit Verlag vibes at Kiosk Int. when we were having a doobie with the good soul of German TV journalism for STIGMA42O No. 2 [release: 22 Oct 2021] Photography by Tim Bruening
Release 22 October 2021

11 September 2021 [Direct Link]
Mixtape 88 by 11schnull

Interview, portray and track list up. Don’t sleep on this exclusive 18min 5-tracks-only production!

Artwork: Jonny Banger (originally published in TISSUE N°666FFF)
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07 September 2021 [Direct Link]
A supreme tobacco substitute

High quality herbal blend made of organic or wild harvested herbs with medicinal properties. Prepared and packed by hand in Berlin Kreuzberg. Non-addictive, no artificial flavour and no chemical substances. Available in three blends.

02 September 2021 [Direct Link]
From the archives

Each one of the 100 TISSUE Hoffnungslos (hopeless / 無望) Ts comes with a fresh pressed poster (36 x 59cm) shot by Corrado Dalcò originally published in 2011 as a supplement to TISSUE N°1.
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31 August 2021 [Direct Link]
You feel me?!

Es ist hoffnungslos. It’s hopeless. 無望 — This is how it feels since 2011, when TISSUE Magazine was born. That grinch-y feeling even got stronger day by day. The 2021 edition of the TISSUE plain logo T is now available in our online store and comes with a free poster by Corrado Dalcó from our archives.
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23 August 2021 [Direct Link]
Working title: “Grauzone CBD”

Behind the scenes with Sevda Albers and Lorenz Hartwig: We met Julia Seestädt — the woman behind Germany’s Cannabiskanzlei (cannabis lawfirm) — for an interview in upcoming STIGMA420 No. 2 to be released in end of October 2021.

20 August 2021 [Direct Link]

Interview by Kasia Jaroch and pictures by Dominika Filopowicz — originally published in TISSUE No. 666FFF in 2019. Article finally up!
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12 August 2021 [Direct Link]
New! Homepage! Sale! –33%

Yay, we’re celebrating the release of our new homepage with hilarious 33% off on all items. For 3 days only: from 12 — 14 August 2021. Just click the link below, order stuff and use discount code “NEW!” to your purchase. We need space for new stuff coming up the next months.
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